Breathtaking and Luxurious Outdoor Living with White Tile, Custom Pool, and Gourmet Grill Island

Get away and relax in this stunning Florida retreat with modern lines and the perfect punches of color. This vast outdoor space is designed as a transitional living area to spend the whole day outside swimming, grilling, and watching movies. The use of white creates a wide-open expansive feel and accentuates the gorgeous blue pool and tile work. A massive pavilion provides shade from the Florida sunshine over the kitchen, seating area, and dining area. Natural finished furniture invites guests to sit and fellowship while others take a dip in the custom pool. The gourmet kitchen is smartly located at the end of the pavilion, so smoke can blow away and not gather underneath.

The custom grill island is as much a decorative and statement piece as it is functional. Breathtaking blue tile matches the pool's dancing waves for a cohesive look, while striking granite counters create a mirror-like reflection of light that is intriguing and magical. Packed with stainless steel appliances like the Summerset Grills TRL, everything is conveniently located and curated to make an open-air gourmet cooking experience. With masterful craftsmanship and modern design expertise, Landscape Fusion experts have provided a luxurious extension that feels like home.

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